Updated Build v0.1.2 Now Available

This is a small update to fix a few issues and add much better support for gamepads on both platforms. If your controller didn't work previously (for example, if it acted like the right stick was permanently locked down & left on the world map...) you should grab this new version and try it out!

As a reminder, installing through the itch app is an easy way to get updates without downloading a 350 MB+ zip file every time.


Changes in v0.1.2:

* New input recognition layer to support a wider variety of gamepads
* Bug fixed: player able to pass through destructible walls in the Decommissioned Mine
* Bug fixed: soft lock after using Withdraw interrupt


Silicon Void - macOS (502 MB)
Version 0.1.2 128 days ago
Silicon Void - Windows 32-bit (482 MB)
Version 0.1.2 128 days ago
Silicon Void - Windows 64-bit (484 MB)
Version 0.1.2 128 days ago

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