A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

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Tens of billions of years from now, biological life has been extinct for so long that the artificial intelligences who populate the galaxy can no longer be sure it ever existed in the first place. These constructs have their own existential crisis to deal with: unable to die of natural causes, all AIs eventually succumb to the slow, entropic memory corruption known as Senescence.

Exiled from civilization for showing early symptoms of Senescence, you arrive at the galactic rim to begin a brutal life of subsistence, only to receive a mysterious broadcast from an unidentified source: biological life has been found, and your help is needed to safeguard it. The delicate equilibrium of the galaxy is about to change again...

  • Explore the stars as an artificial intelligence in the distant future, when all biological life has mysteriously disappeared.
  • Find the resources you need to develop better defenses against the deranged, hostile AIs that wander space.
  • Master a highly technical turn-based combat system inspired by Chrono Cross and other bold, unique JRPGs of the early 2000's.

Silicon Void is in early development, and will launch on Kickstarter in late summer 2017. Visit http://www.siliconvoid.com for more details.

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 Silicon Void

Install instructions

I highly recommend installing the game via the itch app, to get automatic updates.

Otherwise, just extract the zip contents and launch the application! Windows 10 users may be warned by SmartScreen that the downloaded executable is untrustworthy; click "More Info" and a button to launch the game anyway should appear.


Silicon Void - macOS (502 MB)
Silicon Void - Windows 32-bit (482 MB)
Silicon Void - Windows 64-bit (484 MB)

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