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Silicon Void

A sci-fi exploration RPG for PC & Mac, with deep turn-based combat mechanics inspired by Chrono Cross · By Chris Doucette


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The Silicon Void Kickstarter is Live!
Hi everybody - We just launched on Kickstarter! If you're excited about Silicon Void, please spre...
Expanded Demo v0.2.0 Available + Kickstarter Announcement
Silicon Void v0.2.0 is now available! In addition to a wide variety of bug fixes and usability improvements, this expanded demo adds lots of new content: Dive i...
3 files — 0.2.0
Updated Build v0.1.2 Now Available
This is a small update to fix a few issues and add much better support for gamepads on both platforms. If your controller didn't work previously (for example, i...
3 files — 0.1.2